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Beauty and the Bette: Inside Bette Franke's Makeup Bag

Dutch model Bette Franke possesses such astonishing natural beauty that she was discovered at the young age of 14 as she was shopping with her mother.

Since this unexpected career start, Franke has enjoyed many years in fashion’s scrutinizing spotlight, but her demanding work schedule hasn’t suppressed her enjoyment of life and the world around her. Here, the new face of See by Chloé talks all things beauty-related.

It can be said that Franke’s main job is to be beautiful – something that comes naturally to her. For this reason, she has given lots of thought to beauty’s elusive definition. In this interview, Franke defines beauty as “something everyone has”. She continues, “It’s mostly on the inside. It’s about attitude and appearance, the way someone carries themself.” This refreshing perspective is brought up by someone who puts a higher emphasis on health and wholesomeness than artifice and vanity. As such, she keeps a simple routine, saying “I always clean my face before going to bed, and I make sure I always have moisturizer on. Also, I try to sleep a lot and I don’t smoke.” Franke also chooses to keep makeup to a minimum; “I rarely wear a lot of makeup,” she shares, “just a good mascara or some lipstick.”

When it comes to products, Franke’s shelves are not crowded. “For my face, I use a cream from Nars. They go from light to heavy, depending on whether it’s winter or summer. On my body, I use coconut butter.” Her hair routine follows the same path of simplicity, “I try not to wash it everyday because that dries it out, and I always use a conditioner. When I have the time, I go to the salon and put a good hair mask on.” When asked what she keeps in her purse with her at all times, she reveals, “Hand cream, face cream, and perfume, so I can always be fresh.” Her list of favorite products is short and concise. For hair, she loves Kerastase and for body she prefers coconut butter or Vitamin E cream. When it comes to makeup, she turns to Calvin Klein for mascara and lipstick. When she travels, she choose to keep her bag light with only the necessities at hand; “socks for the plane, a cashmere sweater, Vaseline lip balm, a good rich moisturizer, some hand cream, and my Kindle.”

Having spent a lot of time in the makeup chair, Franke has picked up helpful tips from makeup artists. “Use your own lip balm and put a little bit of sugar in it then rub it on your lips. When you take it off with a wet wipe, your lips feel really soft. It’s a great way to gently scrub your own lips.”

Though Franke is, in her own right, a beauty and fashion icon, we had to ask who her personal icons were. Instead of name-dropping, she simply says, “Anyone who is creative and doesn’t mind to stand out or be different. Someone who believes in him or herself.” While the industry chaotically chases down the next big thing, Frank sticks to the basics, making her a model with a refreshing perspective on beauty. For more on what Franke keeps stashed inside her makeup bag, click through the gallery above.

written by GRACE GORDON

-May 14, 2013

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