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Introducing Chanel's 'Marilyn & N°5' Short Film

There are few scents more instantly recognizable than Chanel N°5 and few faces more famous than Marilyn Monroe's.

For the past fifty years, the two have been inextricably linked. Monroe once famously stated that all she wore to bed was “a few drops of Chanel N°5”, later expanded on her statement in April of 1960 to journalist Georges Belmont. However, the statement was never published, buried in the archives of the magazine. Last month, Chanel managed to procure the famous lost reel, and they have released it in a captivating video that reveals the history of the fusion between the fragrance and the star.

Click on the icon in the lower-right corner of the video player to watch the film in full screen.

written by GRACE GORDON|video: courtesy of CHANEL

-November 20, 2012

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