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Tried and Tested: Belle Femme at Home

Amidst the madness of Fashion Month, the Savoir Flair team was treated to a relaxing morning by Belle Femme at Home.

Any fashion insider will tell you that very few things in life rank higher than Fashion Month in terms of excitement. From new collections and fresh faces to unusual materials and revolutionary tailoring, there’s nothing quite like it. Another thing fashion insiders will agree on, however, is that there is no time as stressful either.

It was well into Fashion Month and halfway through London Fashion Week, when the Savoir Flair team started feeling the effects that follow surges of adrenaline, long nights of work, and long hours in front of a computer. Talks of full-body massages, backrubs, and all manner of relaxing treatments had started making their way around the office when we were invited to try the services of Belle Femme at Home. The Belle Femme Salon’s reputation preceded it, and the idea of enjoying their incredible treatments from the comfort of our office was too good to pass up. We decided on manicures and shoulder rubs, and penciled the agreed date into our overflowing diaries.

The Belle Femme team arrived promptly on that Sunday morning, rolling sleek silver cases behind them. As they set up in our meeting room, we watched them pull everything from plastic stools and towels to trays of polish out of their Mary Poppins cases. We were then called into the meeting room and took our seats around the table. The technicians showed us a selection of polishes and asked us to choose between two differently scented oils for our shoulder rubs. Once the technicalities where out of the way, the magic began. Our neglected nails where filed, buffed, and colored back to their original splendor, and the stress and hard work of the past weeks was rubbed out of our bodies by the capable hands of the Belle Femme at Home team.

A couple of hours later, a significantly more polished and relaxed Savoir Flair team bid the technicians farewell. As we all slipped Belle Femme flyers into our bags and drawers, already anticipating their next visit, we were ready to take on the rest of Fashion Month.

written by NOOR TEHINI|photos: courtesy of ANNA SHTRAUS

-October 16, 2012

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