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Exclusive Video: The Making of Lancôme's 'La Vie Est Belle' ft. Julia Roberts

When Lancôme, Julia Roberts, and Tarsem Singh get together, la vie really is belle. Singh, known for his spectacular cinematography, which blends high contrast tones with saturated colors, was a natural choice for Lancôme’s high-drama ad campaign. Starring the beautiful Julia Roberts, this exclusive behind-the-scenes video takes us to Los Angeles in February 2012 and begins with the preparation of the set. When Roberts walks into the glamorous soirée, all heads turn to meet her wide-eyed gaze. Her easy grin eases the tension of the room, and one can’t help but notice how stunning she looks in this video. Roberts then sweeps up glittering steps and out of sight at the end of the video, Lancôme’s newest fragrance, La Vie Est Belle, lingering gently in her wake.

written by GRACE GORDON|video: courtesy of LANCÔME

-August 15, 2012

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