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Backstage Pass: David Beckham Homme Campaign Shoot

Not one to be outdone by his entrepreneurial, design-savvy wife, David Beckham has embarked on a creative venture of his own. Originally the power couple had co-created line of fragrances, but now Becks is out on his own. His brand new addition to the line is Homme Instinct, a sporty scent for the man on the go.

Recently, the ad campaign for Beckham’s fragrance line was released, and this video gives us a sneak peek behind the scenes to see how the campaign came together. Shot in Los Angeles, the video tracks the three-day shoot as they build the sets, construct the lighting scaffolding, and prep Beckham for sessions. It is interspersed with commentary from Beckham himself as he details the process of making the print and video campaigns for his new fragrances.

written by GRACE GORDON|video: courtesy of DAVID BECKHAM HOMME

-May 23, 2012

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