Makeup Meets Skincare: The Best Perfecting and Protecting Products

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It’s often reported that makeup does more harm to skin than good. It blocks pores, coats skin in chemicals, causes nasty reactions, dries it out… You get the gist. That’s no longer entirely true, however, because more and more brands are now fusing the benefits of skincare with the perfecting powers of makeup to bring the best of both worlds together. The result? Makeup that looks good and does good for your skin.

Read on to discover Savoir Flair’s top five face fixers that look after your skin from the inside out.

The Primer

A primer meets lightweight serum, this magical MAC creation does it all. Formulated with antioxidants and plant extracts, including aloe leaf, cucumber fruit, grape seed, and coconut oil, it soothes, smooths, and plumps skin whilst preparing it for foundation and makeup application. Providing an instant hit of intense hydration and helping improve and strengthen the skin’s barrier over time, it also helps your foundation stay on longer and ensures even application.

Makeup Meets Skincare: The Best Perfecting and Protecting Products

MAC ‘Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion’

AED206 / SAR210

Dubai Marina Mall

The Foundation

The star product in La Mer’s new ‘Skincolor De La Mer’ range, this foundation does so much good for your skin you could go without any other products. With 18 shades to choose from, each frosted bottle is brimming with La Mer’s ‘Miracle Broth’, which harnesses the power of sea kelp and essential minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. Deeply hydrating, softening, and smoothing, it offers long-lasting, natural-looking coverage whilst protecting skin from harmful UV rays and pollution to leave you looking fresh, radiant, and glowing.

Makeup Meets Skincare: The Best Perfecting and Protecting Products

La Mer ‘Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation’

AED420 / SAR429

Paris Gallery, The Dubai Mall

The Concealer

Undereye bags and dark circles? They’ll soon be a thing of the past thanks to Bobbi Brown’s ‘Intensive Skin Serum Concealer’. Unlike many concealers that just focus on masking the problem, this silky serum works to treat the skin around the eyes and boost moisture levels thanks to ingredients such as Indian tree root, bamboo grass, and cordyceps mushrooms. Working to counteract the main causes of dark circles, it will leave you looking bright-eyed and refreshed (even if you don’t feel it).

Makeup Meets Skincare: The Best Perfecting and Protecting Products

Bobbi Brown ‘Intensive Skin Serum Concealer’

AED218 / SAR223

Dubai Marina Mall

The Powder

This bestselling perfecting powder from Ilia acts as your own personal airbrushing beautifier. Using a blend of organic powders and oils, it also contains organic aloe vera, thyme, passion fruit, and rosemary oil to calm and soothe skin whilst reducing redness and irritation. A light dusting alone or over makeup will give skin that soft-focus look, helping to keep it nourished, soft, and shine free.

Makeup Meets Skincare: The Best Perfecting and Protecting Products

Ilia ‘Soft Focus Finishing Powder’

AED117 / SAR119



The Tinted Moisturizer

Giving skin a hint of color and coverage for the ultimate “no-makeup” makeup look, this new BB Cream from Clarins contains protective plant extracts to moisturize, energize, and purify. There’s organic aloe vera to maintain moisture reserves even in the deepest layers of skin, meadowsweet to protect against unwanted bacteria, and white tea to protect against harmful pollutants. It evens skin tone, reduces the appearance of dark spots, and softens for radiant, natural-looking skin.

Makeup Meets Skincare: The Best Perfecting and Protecting Products

Clarins ‘BB Beauty Perfector’

AED175 / SAR179

The Dubai Mall