I Woke Up Like This: How to Get Instagram-Ready Skin

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Photo: Courtesy of @SamaHaya

Love selfies? Don’t go anywhere without your selfie stick? Obsessed with the best photo-app filters to use? Today marks International Selfie Day, and we can’t think of a better time to admit the fact that we all look better on Instagram. Those oh-so-flattering filters can both hide a multitude of skin sins and erase a few years from our age, too. But wouldn’t it be great to get that kind of perfect, soft-focus skin in real life?

Well, the good news is that you can, thanks to the newest HD and blurring makeup formulas that help you literally airbrush imperfections away before your very eyes to give your skin a flattering finish all day long – no phone or photo filter needed. Want to get the look? Savoir Flair turned to MAC’s Senior Artist in the UAE Mariam Khairallah for her top tips. “Everyone wants to get natural, flawless skin,” Khairallah tells us. “Great makeup begins with good skincare, which is key for a flawless, airbrushed look.”

I Woke Up Like This: How to Get Instagram-Ready Skin

YSL ‘Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow’

AED190 / SAR195

Bloomingdale's-Dubai, The Dubai Mall

Start by prepping the skin with a moisturizer to suit your skin type, then apply a primer for an instant skin upgrade. “This will help to diffuse fine lines, discoloration, and enlarged pores as well as evening out the skin tone,” says Khairallah. Try the YSL ‘Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow’, a blurring radiance enhancer to diffuse imperfections and leave your skin flawless – a retoucher in a bottle.

I Woke Up Like This: How to Get Instagram-Ready Skin

MAC ‘Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation’

AED140 / SAR143

Dubai Marina Mall

Next, choose the right foundation for your skin. Want a dewy, fresh finish? Opt for MAC’s ‘Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation’, an elastic gel-serum formula that glides over your skin, creating a radiant and lightweight film that lasts all day.

I Woke Up Like This: How to Get Instagram-Ready Skin

Smashbox ‘Liquid Halo HD Foundation’

AED225 / SAR230

Sephora, Mall of the Emirates

Need slightly more coverage? The Smashbox ‘Liquid Halo HD Foundation’ completely evens out the complexion thanks to gel-covered pigments that work like a photo-filter to literally blur away imperfections and fine lines. Dot the foundation on the back of your hand and apply to your skin with a foundation brush. “Using a brush is essential to achieve airbrushed skin,” says Khairallah. “Work the foundation on the jaw first, then your cheeks and the center of your face to create a smooth, even look.”

Now you’re ready for your close-up.