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Hermes 8 Ties: An Interactive Digital Installation

Christophe Goineau, Hermès' Creative Director of Masculine Silk, and artist Miguel Chevalier visited Dubai in December for the unveiling of the '8 Ties' installation.

Residents of Dubai were treated to an experience unlike any other when the '8 Ties' interactive installation, in celebration of Hermès' digitally inspired ties, came to the Pavilion Downtown Dubai. As for fashion insiders, the thrill came in large part from meeting Christophe Goineau, Hermès' Creative Director of Masculine Silk. In the video above, viewers discover the installation and marvel at its interactive nature as artist Miguel Chevalier and composer Jacopo Baboni Schilingi present and explain their creation to guests during the night of the unveiling.

written by NOOR TEHINI|video: courtesy of CAPITAL D STUDIO

-April 1, 2013

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