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Footnotes: The Making of Loewe’s Espadrilles

In this installment of Footnotes, we take you behind the scenes of the Loewe workshops for a look at how its espadrilles are created.

It may have originated over 600 years ago in the Pyrenees in order to outfit King Aragon’s foot soldiers, but it is in Loewe’s workshops in Banyoles, Girona that the espadrille is perfected. This stylish staple of the Loewe house is made with handcrafted care, using the finest-spun Indian Jute and highest-quality leathers to accomplish its rich and textural exterior. In the video above, Loewe takes you inside its workshops in Spain for a closer look at how its beloved espadrille is crafted.

written by GRACE GORDON|photo and video: courtesy of LOEWE

-April 11, 2013

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