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5 Minutes With: Kerin Rose

We sat down with Kerin Rose Weinberg to find out more about the woman behind cult sunglass label A-Morir.

Kerin Rose Weinberg’s rapid success as an eyewear designer seems to surprise even herself. In only four short years, she has established her brand in a densely saturated and highly competitive industry, landing worldwide recognition for her collections. With celebrities like Rihanna as part of her repeat clientele, Weinberg’s public reach has been greatly bolstered. When asked what attracted her to eyewear design, she responded, “Initially it was just something fun and different I was doing as a hobby, but now I’m obsessed with the challenge of creating something new and different all the time and really expanding my breadth as a designer and a creator. What a lot of people would probably view as limits with such a specific canvas, I find very liberating.”

It’s evident from talking to Weinberg that she is a creative person who finds inspiration everywhere, from art and science to her native home of New York City. However, her greatest source of inspiration is creation itself; “My creative process is inspired, in essence, by itself,” she remarks. When asked to list her recent successes, she includes, “My SS12 and FW12 collections were photographed by the likes of Testino, Slimane, and Von Unwerth on the faces of Kloss, Renn, and Kurkova. I also made jewelry for the Mugler Men’s SS12 ready-to-wear runway presentation. Each moment is a proud moment, one step farther towards something greater.” Though such successes might go to most people’s heads, Weinberg remains humble. She chooses to carry most of the weight of production on her own shoulders, but she has a team in place to help her with the specifics. “Unlike a lot of businesses, I am entirely self-funded, so I handle most of the business by myself. I work with a great European showroom and have a wonderful assistant and a very loyal intern – but I handle everything else. I believe in slow and steady growth and I’ll know if and when it’s time for an expansion.” Weinberg, who is always working on different projects with different people, dreams of the day that she can collaborate with the likes of McQueen, Katrantzou, and Westwood. Something tells us that these are goals entirely within her grasp.

Most treasured possession? My health.
 Greatest extravagance? Organic produce. My style in three words… Rebellious, eclectic, glam.
 Cheapest thrill? Crossing the street against a red light.
 Labels you love? Vintage Mugler, Westwood, Rodarte, Margiela, Balmain, Givenchy, Lanvin, Miu Miu, Tripp NYC, Mary Katrantzou, MadeMe, Assad Mounser, and Grey Ant. 
Perfect idea of happiness? Great company.
 Dream client? Cher, Miss Piggy, and Ringo Starr.
 Fantasy dinner party guests? I’ve already eaten dinner with Grace Jones; I’ve already had my fantasy dinner party. Favorite dish? Spinach salad with chicken, egg whites, sprouts, caramelized onions, beets, dried figs, and nutritional yeast.
 Favorite sound? Beethoven’s Sonata no.8 Pathetique, 2nd movement in A flat major.

interviewed by NOOR TEHINI|written by GRACE GORDON

-October 15, 2012

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