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VIP Purchases: Louis Vuitton Lockit Collection

Add romance to the sleek sophistication of Louis Vuitton and you get the pulse-racing heartbeat of the Lockit jewelry collection.

Legend has it that when young couples in the midst of puppy love attached a padlock to a bridge and threw the key into the water below, their love would last a lifetime. It’s not uncommon, even now, to see these symbols of true love on bridges around the world, especially in Europe. Parisian luxury brand Louis Vuitton puts a new spin on this charming idea by releasing their 15-piece Lockit collection, which combines the iconic padlock of their accessories line with high-fashion jewelry. Click through to get a closer look.

Louis Vuitton Lockit Collection, available in the U.A.E. from January 2013.

written by GRACE GORDON

-October 11, 2012

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