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Introducing: ARTĒ Madrid

With the UAE being the epicenter of fashion and style in the region, there’s always an expected amount of fanfare for each luxury boutique opening. When ARTĒ Madrid arrived to our shores this season, the brand exceeded all expectations and took the region by storm, opening four gorgeous boutiques in 2012 alone. With locations now at the Al Ain Mall, Bawabat Al Sharq Mall, Festival Centre, and Mirdif City Centre, it’s safe to say that ARTĒ Madrid is currently the talk of the town.

This third-generation family business from Madrid is named after the Spanish word for art, but the meaning goes deeper. ARTĒ Madrid stands for pioneering jewelry-making techniques, innovative practices in gemstone sustainability, and heirloom opulence that will last for generations. Each artisan-crafted piece is an exquisite and wearable work of art. See them in person now at any of the aforementioned locations, and keep an eye out for big things to come from this brand.

written by GRACE GORDON|photos: courtesy of ARTĒ MADRID

-September 5, 2012

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