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5 Minutes With: Dana Lorenz

Dana Lorenz is a quick-witted New Yorker with an eye for design. Her self-taught ways are an inspiration to aspiring jewelry designers, and her talents lie in the arts. With degrees in painting and drawing and a background in metalworking, Lorenz was able to take her vision for a jewelry line and actualize it on her own when she first began her career. Now, her popular line, Fallon, is carried everywhere from online shops to Barneys. Perhaps her most well known patron is Michelle Obama, but Lorenz’s blend of classic pieces with retro costume jewelry styles appeal far and wide.

Though Lorenz admits she’s far too busy running a business to pay attention to jewelry trends, both of her lines – Fenton and Fallon – incorporate some of SS12’s favorite looks like pastels and IDs. Fallon’s latest offerings derive their inspiration from 1990s era Los Angeles with a distinctly “Pretty Woman feel”. She prefers classic pieces for herself, but shops mostly in the studio closet. When she’s not designing, curating and running a business, Lorenz works to raise awareness about animal abuse prevention. Here, we ask her some quick-fire questions on life, career, her favorite things, and what’s next for her best-selling line.

Most treasured possession? My dachshund, Blitz.
 Greatest extravagance? Art.
 Cheapest thrill? Karaoke! Perfect idea of happiness? It would be nice to not always be thinking about “what’s next” but “right now”. Dream client? Every client is important. Fantasy dinner party guests? All the old Hollywood players from the 40s and 50s. Actors, producers, and directors...the drama! Favorite food? Thanksgiving dinner.
 Favorite smell? Cut grass. Favorite sound? My dog having a dream. Best film? Overboard with Goldie Hawn. Best book? Steve Jobs’ biography.
 Best advice? What you worry about today will not matter tomorrow.
 Dream collaboration? Givenchy. Secret hobbies? Tennis and antiquing. What’s next for Fallon? Bridal!

Fallon jewelry is available in Dubai at Valleydez, Sunset Mall and Wafi Mall.

interviewd by GRACE GORDON

-April 17, 2012

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