This Week’s Wanderlust Comes Courtesy of Nathalie Trad

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Nathalie Trad Beirut colorful steps
Photo: Courtesy of Nathalie Trad

Whether you’ve already been to Beirut, one of the most culturally exciting capitals of the Middle East, or still have it on your travel bucket list for some point in the future, now is the time to visit. Internationally acclaimed Middle Eastern designer Nathalie Trad’s travel diary from her recent trip to the Lebanese capital is packed with seriously stimulating images – moments that are not only a pleasure to view, but also allow you to be privy to a talented designer’s vision of the world around her. In fact, those taken with an analog camera literally made us nostalgic for the era of grainy images and 35mm film. Let Trad’s fun-filled trip inspire you in the gallery below and get to planning that next big holiday.