3 (Affordable) Ways to Jazz up That Boring Blouse

Necktie for women
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As much as you’d love to, you don’t actually need to splash out on high-end pieces to look stylish and up to date this season. When the savings take a dive, as they would just after the holidays, these three chic and easy accessorizing tips will be just the ticket to update any plain old top – you know, the one that is practically falling apart at the seams but you refuse to toss? Read on to find out how and shop Savoir Flair’s favorite pieces that won’t break the bank.



The Contemporary Update

A statement mono earring is quite possibly the easiest accent for an utterly du jour look. No matter what color or material you choose, the one thing to ensure is that the piece looks high in quality.

black jumper gold mono earring
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3 (Affordable) Ways to Jazz up That Boring Blouse

Vanina ‘Cloud’ Mono Earring

AED239 / SAR244




The Innovative Update

Forget wearing your brooch on your chest because the coolest new way to use it is to pin it to your shoulder. Choose to work on your right or left shoulder and adorn it to your heart’s content with your favorite pin set. It’s a guaranteed conversation starter.

green jumper with brooches
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3 (Affordable) Ways to Jazz up That Boring Blouse

Mango Brooch Set

AED71 / SAR73

The Dubai Mall


The Nonchalant Update

Definitively French and still going strong, the nonchalant neck tie with a bow on the side is as chic as it gets without trying too hard.

Photo: Courtesy of Imaxtree
3 (Affordable) Ways to Jazz up That Boring Blouse

ASOS Neck Tie

AED18 / SAR19



These three (affordable) roads lead to cool.