Bella Hadid Is Determined to Bring Back This Hat Style

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If there’s an award out there for the most polyonymous hat style out there, the breton would be a sure-fire winner. Also known as a fiddler, captain, newsboy, baker boy, and fisherman’s cap, the silhouette isn’t the most popular one when it comes to hats – yet. And that’s where Bella Hadid steps in.

The model and bona fide “It” girl is doing everything in her power to bring back the breton. Surprisingly enough, this topper seems to be the current accessory of choice for the star, so much so that she has even included a style in her latest collaboration with Chrome Hearts, which is set to launch very soon. Breton hats may not be the easiest to pull off, but they have a long history of being celebrity favorites – just think back to that iconic, biker-chic moment of Britney Spears at the 2002 VMAs.

So is this going to be the new “It” accessory to wear, thanks to Bella’s highly imitated style? If you’re feeling brave enough or want to be one of the first around to sport this easygoing cap style, find styling inspiration in Savoir Flair’s gallery above and shop the best pieces that follow.