Of Dreams and Travels: A Closer Look at Dior’s ‘Rose Des Vents’ Collection

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It can be said the ‘Rose des Vents’ collection by Dior is a modern classic – a collection of jewelry pieces that are chic and highly covetable, yet feel like genuine talismans. White, yellow, and rose-gold versions come adorned with diamonds and varying stones such as lapis lazuli, turquoise, pink opal, and mother-of-pearl to name a few. But what gives them that elusive, talisman-like charm? The idea, creative inspiration, and rich brand history, of course.

Picture a villa in Granville, by the sea, overlooking the Channel Islands in the far distance, with boats passing by on their way to America. It is built by a shipowner and named after the 32 divisions of the wind rose, with a mosaic in the back garden’s pool that depicts the “rose des vents”, as well. A garden, full of beautiful flowers, features roses grown by Christian Dior himself in his native home.

Years passed by when, one day, Monsieur Dior was walking the streets of Paris and found a star on the ground. So mysterious and so right, it had inspired him to open his own couture house. Many years later, Creative Director of Dior Joaillerie Victoire de Castellane takes all these motifs and pours them into a mesmerizing collection named ‘Rose des Vents’, symbolic of all things travel. Take one of its delicate pieces and make it your very own talisman – your lucky charm – and treasure it forever.

Browse through Victoire de Castellane’s beautifully playful sketches above, and then familiarize with the many creative inspirations and making of the gorgeous pieces in the gallery below.