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Fashion on Film: Bill Cunningham New York


Fashion on Film: Bill Cunningham New York

Bill Cunningham is more than just a fixture on the New York Fashion scene. In fact, he helped create the scene.

A man before his time, Cunningham (now in his mid-80s) still writes two weekly columns for the Style section of the New York Times. Even though he is an intensely private person, he has never had trouble turning outward to photograph street style and cultural zeitgeists along the way.

After 10 years (the director jokes eight of them were spent convincing Cunningham to be filmed), a documentary has emerged to much aplomb about the life of Bill Cunningham. Fashion elite like Anna Wintour and Tom Wolfe appear in the film to sing his praises. The documentary will take you inside the lives of many famous people who have been snapped by Cunningham, but is most revealing on the subject of Cunningham’s reclusive behavior. This is definitely one to add to your Netflix queue early.

-March 24, 2011

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